Why opt for a solar powered birdfeeder for your garden?

Certainly the fastest way to any bird's heart is through their stomach. So by putting a bird feeder in your garden or where ever you live you will be amazed at the range of birds that come calling to use it. However if you are looking for something a little more special for your garden or outdoor living space with which to feed the birds you could consider buying a solar birdfeeder.

But why choose a solar birdfeeder?

Well not only is solar the oldest form of energy to be found on earth today it is also the most inexhaustible and renewable source of power available to us that costs nothing to use. In fact the sun produces enough power every 15 minutes which would supply the earth for an entire year.

Also what one should also remember is that solar energy is eco friendly as well as being convenient and is being used more and more as a no fuss solution in gardens around the globe. However why opt for a solar powered birdfeeder?

What this wonderful type of birdfeeder does is that it not only feeds the birds during the day but will provide you with a soft amount of light for your garden at night.

All solar birdfeeders are designed like the gazebo birdfeeder and during the day they collect solar energy which they store in the batteries contained in the base of the feeder. Then as night comes on you will find that they start provide a gentle illumination to your garden which can last for between 6 to 8 hours.

Because the sides of these birdfeeders are clear it also helps to you see when it needs replenishing with bird food. But not only does it provide you with illumination for your garden it also helps to guide the birds to it for a late night snack.

So why not consider purchasing a solar birdfeeder for your garden and it will certainly make an impact!