How Do I Make A Homemade Bird Feeder?

The most important thing to remember when considering making a homemade bird feeder is that they do not need to be complicated and they do not need to be expensive. Probably one of the easiest way of providing a homemade bird feeder for the birds in your garden is by scattering some stale bread in it.

However, this can lead to problems with the neighbor's cats knowing that they can have a free and easy meal whenever they want.

You could if you wanted just get some bird feed and then place it on a tray or plastic plate in your garden not only will it attract the birds but you may also find it attracts other types of wildlife also such as squirrels. However if you want to produce an inexpensive homemade bird feeder that will discourage the squirrels then you could get a pine cone and cover it in peanut butter roll it in bird food and then hang it from a tree branch with a piece of string.

Another inexpensive way of producing a bird feeder for your garden is by getting some string and thread it through slice of bread or apples and hang this also from a branch of a tree in your garden.

Definitely there are many ways of making a homemade bird feeder without having to resort going to your local DIY store or garden centre to purchase one which needs to be assembled when you get it back home. You can start simply with a piece of scrap wood elevated a few inches above the ground. Add a few holes for, drainage and you've built a platform feeder. It won't be long before the birds find it.

Take a look around your garden and even if you have got a tree on which you can hang the feeder you may find that the eaves of your house will work just as well or you could also hang one for a hanging basket hook instead.

Here's a simple pine cone feeder you can maek with your kids.

Spread peanut butter inside the openings all around the center and bottom of the pine cone and fill up the spaces. Spread bird seed of your choice onto wax paper. Take the pine cone and roll it in the bird seed so that the seeds stick to the peanut butter all around the outside. You may also want to sprinkle seeds inside any openings.

Measure your string to hang down from a branch of a tree or bush so that it is far enough from the branch to keep any squirrels from eating your feeder. Tie your string to the top of the pine cone and then to the tree branch.

Here is a pretty cool bird feeder project