Ever heard of aquaponics gardening?

Basically it’s setting up a gardening system where you combine gardening with raising fish. The fish provide the nutrients needed to feed the plants.

Once you set up your initial aquaponics gardening, it requires no weeding or anything else done to it other than to feed the fish.

I’ve written a special page on it . . . Check it out to learn more about Aquaponics Gardening.

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Gardening Tips

gardening tipsYou can never have too many gardening tips. I’ve been gardening for many many years now and still learn something new every year.

When I set up my backyard garden I started from scratch. The first thing I did was build a pond. A small pond. Then my wife and I would add a small garden section every year. Working in a small section makes it easier and the task doesn’t seem so overwhelming.

One of our goals was to attract butterflies, birds and wildlife. We have succeeded and I’ll pass along some gardening tips to help you create or grow your own backyard garden.

My grandson loves the backyard and is always catching toads and frogs and has caught a couple butterflies. In the picture here he was 2 years old but as I write this, he is 8 and continues to love the backyard.

Follow some of my gardening tips and you can experience the same joy.

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